How many Licenses of 'Backup Exec Agent for window' do I need?

I have BE 2015 on the server and 8 other computers connected to it. We had set up the backup of all computers and it was working for the first year. After one year, Symantec BE stopped backing up of the other comouters and it says you need a license key for the windows agents.

This license costs around £350, but I am not sure how many do I need. Do I need one license for all computers or one for each?

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One Remote Agent license per

One Remote Agent license per remote server.

BE 15 Licensing Guide - http://static.symanteccloud.com/estore/resources/en/be-2015-licensing-guide.pdf

...if you have an application

...if you have an application like SQL or Exchange, then you need a database agent license, and this license includes the ability to install the Remote Agent. with an agent license you wouldn't require a RAWS license.

If these are all file and print, then 1 RAWS per server.


Thank you. I am not sure

Thank you.

I am not sure about the SQL and database. I will try one license to see if it will work for all or I need more licenses for each computer.


Even if it works with one

Even if it works with one remote agent license, you are still legally not in compliance. You need one remote agent license per remote server or NAS that you are trying to back up