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How to Recovery DB After Deleted from Backup Exec

Dear All, I have a big problem with my backup, Before one week infected by virus Locky, but before one day I have backup
take it.
the problem here my configuration on backup exec Keep DB just two Weeks, today the DB deleted from backup exec as my

how I can recovery this DB. Anyone help me, please

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Re: How to Recovery DB After Deleted from Backup Exec

If the retention on that set was 2 weeks and it got deleted after it got expired then there is not much that can be done now. The backup media on which that set existed is gone.

You should have retained the backup set the moment you realized you needed to restore from that specific backup set or keep a longer retention if you have the disk storage to keep multiple copies w/o it getting full

Re: How to Recovery DB After Deleted from Backup Exec

The question is how to recover the DB, not what data is missing from the backup media.


OP: Did you perhaps take backups of the Data folder, or even the bedb.bak file within that folder? If so, run a catalog of the last successful backup and restore the bedb.bak file. Once done, stop the BE services, and open up BEutility.exe. Right-click the server name and choose the option to Reload database from backup, and then point to that file.

If you didn't do the above, then you've got to start with a blank BEDB, and then catalog every tape to get that information back into the new database before you can restore.