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How to automate the second disk to tape copy

Level 2
We are moving to a Disk to Disk to Tape strategy and I have a bit of a conundrum.

Naturally, the backup to disk jobs can have duplicate jobs attached immediately following the jobs to tape. But how do I automate the additional copy from disk to tape that I need for offsite storage.

I cannot automate more than one duplicate job. I cannot automate a duplicate job of a duplicate job.

I am now just making a copy of the B2D folder to tape for offsite storage, but in the event of a disaster, I would have to restore the tape to another B2D folder, catalog the restored B2D files, then restore. This extra step would take too much time for recovery.

How can I automate that second copy? Policies?

Level 3

I have created two or more jobs, and just the policy to link them to duplicate when the job completes.
When the first job is complete, it starts to duplicate the data to tape. When next job is complete and the tapedevice is busy it just ques and start to duplicate when the first job is complete.

Hope this will help. Im running like this where i work.


Level 4
Kevin, I feel your pain - this is exactly the problem that my organization is in! With the current 10 release of BE, I don't see a way around the issue. What we do to minimize the problem is to make sure that only 1 backup set is done per B2D job. This still means restoring a complete B2D file in order to restore just a single file. I'm evaluating MS DPM as a way to do the B2D part and then use veritas to do the B2T part - there are "issues" with this approach as well, however. (Including even more complexity)...

Let me know if you find a solution..