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How to backup 70000 files of 1 kb each one

 Hi, I'm using BE 12.5 with 16 proccessor, 24 gb Ram,  a Dell Library 24 slots two drives, and a gigabyte lan.

I'm backing up a server with a performance of 4000 m/s , but when arrived to a folder who has 70000 flies of 1 kb each one the performance decrease to 16 mb/s.

Anyone knows haw I can get a better performance for this folder ??

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Hi Gonza, Your device speed

Hi Gonza,

Your device speed will drop off with that number of files and their size. It is because the drive doesn't spin at a constant speed for any sizeable amount of time.
Why not use NTbackup to backup those files nightly, and exclude the folder in question in Backup Exec. You can then put the *.bkf file into a folder and back that up instead.
That way you'll have a folder containing a solid file that's a lot larger in size.


 Yes, backup to disk first,

 Yes, backup to disk first, then duplicate to tape.
Use a snapshot technology for off-host backups
Or use BackupExec System Recovery, and then dump that to tape with BE.

Any news on whether or not

Any news on whether or not this worked dude?