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How to cancel Catalog Job

Level 3


Due to moving BE2012 to a new server even though we moved the catalog folder some old backup sets have lost the device information so when we restore jobs it says "Ready, Invalid Storage" So when I try and re catalog these backup sets it automatically starts a job and asks for the relevant tape to be inserted, but we are unable to import the tape as the catalog job is active.. how do we cancel the catalog job?

Ive been onto the storage tab and onto the robotic library, and the jobs list just shows servers and no active catalog job. If i jump onto the BEMCLI and run Get-BEJob -Status Active the catalog job shows... how do I cancel this!?




Level 6
Employee Accredited Certified

Try one of this ~

- Choose the option to "View all jobs" & sort it by start time. Running jobs should be listed at the top of the list.

- Use Stop-BEJob cmdlet to cancel active job.

- Recycle all Backup Exec services (messy, but a force cancellation)