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How to configure Backup Exec to use Microsoft Azure cloud storage

Do you have Backup Exec deployed in the Azure cloud? Please watch the latest video by the Veritas Backup Exec engineering team, demonstrating how to configure Backup Exec to use Microsoft Azure cloud storage. In this video, we guide you through creating cloud storage for a Backup Exec server deployed in Azure, then take a backup and carry out a restore to confirm functionality.



how to configure Cool or Archive Storage Tier in Azure Cloud storage?

regards Bernd


I will have to confirm, however this article does imply cool storage can be used with Backup Exec 16 (or later)



I have confirmation that the steps withibn Backup Exec for using cool storage remain the same. You just setup and use the type of  storage within Azure.

It has also been mentioned that if you want to use a mix of Hot and Cool Storage that two different Storage accounts wil be required

Hi Colin_Weaver,
I'm sorry. But my Question is:
-->    How to configure BackupExec to use Microsoft Azure Archive Tier Storage?

Ahh sorry I will check on this as it looks like Cool Storage and Archive Tier Storage are two different concepts and you mentioned both in your original question

With regards to Archive Tier Storage it appears that we do have plans for Backup Exec to use such storage, however at this current time it is not possible. Information will be provided as and when we can fully support such storage