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How to deleted checkpoint Backup veritas 16 Hyper-V 2016

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I have to ask about backup and restore Hyper-V Host VM.

I have a Hyper-v Host server. Windows Server 2016 has agent backup vertias installed. 16. Backup 10 Vms on host.

One Friday night I maintain the server. I'm watching the backup going on too long so I cancel the backup proccessing so. Causes Vms error on hyper-V. My VMs can not start again because error runtime state.

Let me ask when backup backup program verrtias create a checkpoint form of recovery. After the backup is complete, the deleted check point will be deleted. Tell me how to delete check points created by the backup veritas program.

Now i disable agent remote backup Veritas backup on Hyper-V host.



Hi Nvphuong,

Please try to use Powershell:

To list the checkpoint:
Get-VMSnapshot -VMName 'VM' -ComputerName 'HOST'

The backup checkpoint should be with SnapshotType "Recovery". To remove the backup checkpoint:
Get-VMSnapshot -VMName 'VM' -ComputerName 'HOST' -SnapshotType Recovery | Remove-VMSnapshot

Make sure to have a good backup for the VM before deleting the snapshot.