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How to find my serial number?

Hi there,

I have recently started a new job and we're having a few issues with Backup Exec. I'd like to upgrade Backup Exec 10 to 10d to see if it fixes these problems, but we can't find the original media, box or serial number.

Is there any way to find out what our serial number is from the server Backup Exec 10 is installed on?

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Re: How to find my serial number?

Look for a file called BESERNUM.XML (or TXT I can't remember when they switched)
But if you are going from v10.0 to v10d, just download v10d and install on top of the existing code, all your local info will be migrated forward
v10.1.5629.3 here
SP4 here
Driver Pack here

Re: How to find my serial number?

BESERNUM.XML can you send me the location this file where i have fiound