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How to handle additional Drives/shares ?

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I have at last one more drive letter in addtion to C: which points to a share or iSCSI-target.

On this drive, i have my B2D-Files.

In a backup I would like to avoid backing up this drive also, but normally exclusion of a drive blocks the creation of a .DR-File.


Is there a "best practice" for this situation ?


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DR file is required for doing a Simplified disaster recovery (SDR)

SDR feature will still work if non critical drives are excluded from the backup (C:\ is a critical drive)

Edit the backup on the left pane you will see a green light , try unchecking the iscsi mounted drive and if the green light is still ON you can do an SDR and DR should get created as well.




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SSP should b turned on even unchecking non critical drives...unless there are system files present on it..

Kindly check if it uses that drive for Pagefile or Snapshot or any other application is installed...

if not it should work...

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DR file is required for doing a Simplified disaster recovery (SDR)

This is not strictly true.  If you are recovering a remote server and the backup set is on disk, then you can use the catalog on the media server.