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How to implement tape rotation with BE 21.0.1200

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I am currently testing Backup Exec V21.0.1200. I would like to implement a data backup on tape and therefore have an LTO-4 tape drive, unfortunately without a tape changer. This means that I have to change the tape manually every day. No problem at first, if I knew which tape would be requested next, especially because I wanted to rotate the tapes according to the grandfather strategy. Unfortunately, I don't find an approach for this in this version. I'm grateful for every tip. Kind regards, Ulrich


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Hi, So you would essentially set up a policy for your GFS based on your retention requirements, and then let BE do the rest. You can configure the tape to be ejected once the job is done, and based on your retention policy, you will be able to see when BE expires a tape and when it can be used again. Thanks!

Hi, first of all, thank you very much for your answer. If I understand this correctly, I just have to create many jobs. My idea is to provide 12 tapes for each month, 4 tapes for each week and 8 tapes for each day, so I have to create 12 + 4 + 8 = 24 separate backup jobs, so that I can see in the backup calendar, which tape needs to be inserted next . Is it correct that way ? An unexpected way for me. In my very old version 8.6, I had done this with one job.

Whatever I do, I just don't see which tape needs to be inserted next. It is to be crazy !

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BE does not care which tape it uses to store a backup.  Since you do not have a tape library, all you need to do is to insert an overwritable or appendable tape, depending on your job requirement and your backup job will proceed.

If you have a tape library, then do read the tape management section of the BE Admin Guide and see how BE uses the tapes that are available in the tape library.