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How to modify first backup job without affect second backup job

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Hi specialist.

Currently,  I created two backup jobs. First job is backup to tape Media Day1~Day15 ( Tape is selected by randomly ).

Second job is backup to Local Hard Disk Day16~End of month. 

Now, I want to change second job backup from Disk to Tap Media and fixed to one media ( overwrite ).

Could you teach me that how to modify second job without affect first job.?

Thanks for all of specialist.



Not sure I fully understand your problem for as you have two separate jobs, changing the second job wouldn't have any effect on the first job as far as I can see. Simply change the storage destination from disk to tape (choosing appropriate media set)

Possibly you want to create a new media set that is different to the media set used by the first job (I'm guessing for the monthly job you'd want a longer overwrite protection period - or how long before the tape becomes scratch again)

I would recommend you checkout the chapters on Backups: 
and Tapes 
in the Admin Guide hopefully you'll find the answers to any questions you have there.

Or this pretty comprehensive technote has a ton of information around OPP/Append Periods/Media sets etc - the video is worth checking out too: 

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Trying to write to a certain tape is fraught with difficulties and it leaves you exposed.  What happens if the backup job fails while writing to that tape?  You would be left with no backup.


Agreeing with pkh here; additional thing to consider, if the tape would become full during the backup job, then no other tape would be available to continue the backup job.
Something to consider might be partitions; but there again, I would recommend to have at least two slots per partition if not more for the above reason.
Example if you have 16 slots and two jobs as described by you, maybe partition 1 for slot 1-12 and partition 2 for slot 13-16 and then target the job to either partition. 

Dear specialist.

Let me explain more detail to you. I am a new join in company. Now I need to modify the backup job.

Now, my ex created a Media set for month backup to Cartridge Media and Media is randomly selected.

For example, we will put 12pcs Cartridge media into Robotic library Slots. System will select blank media to backup

in every month randomly and then this Cartridge media will be moved offsite backup.

Now , I need to create one more backup job for backup to independent Cartridge media and it will keep in the

Robotic library for month backup ( will not be moved to offsite and overwrite every month ).

I don't know how to create a new media set to fixed the backup job to fixed Cartridge media ?

Many thanks for your reply.



You can create a new media set and then specify that media set within the job; the first job then takes by default a media from the scratch pool and put it into that media set.
Future jobs then would use the same media as long there is enough space and the job and backup set is so configured that it is allowed to append to that media otherwise another media will be used and put into that media set.

As stated above already, to be 100% sure only certain media's are being used can be achieved by creating partitions which basically split the library into different parts and if one job is specified to run to partition 1; only media in slots of this partition can be used. 
Important in this example is that you specify more then one slot per partition and that you ensure enough media is always available within each partition.