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How to move license from ver. 9.1 to newest version on new server w/ contract

At the licensing portal, I see a link about moving the license but it prompts me for the old license which I can't find.



old server we need to get off of running 9.1

new server running 64 bit Server 2008 R2 I would like to use as new media server - but how to get the license key and decommission the old one?


Thanks for any help.

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Contact the licensing team @

Contact the licensing team @ 1800-327-2232 option 1 and then 2.

If you have a valid support then licensing team will provide you upgrade notification.


Thanks.  Will do.

Thanks.  Will do.


Transfer from old computer to new.

Can someone please let me know how to move my lifetime version of Symantic Antivirus from my old computer to my new computer.


This forum is for Backup Exec

This forum is for Backup Exec users.  You should post your question on the anti-virus forum.