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How to recreate report - created when applying policy to selection lists...

Level 4
As Karsten Stolten wrote in his/her (could be either gender) question in April of '06, "When Applying a policy to selection lists and clicking finish - there is a very nice report generated - summarising all selection lists and jobs created."
The answer was at best confusing and for all practical purposes dismissive.
I had to read it several times to make sense of it.
So let's ask the question again almost 4 years later and several versions of the software later as well - is there a way to recreate the report that's generated when you apply a policy to to selection lists and click finish?
If the canned answer is "no," the canned question in reply is "why not?"  If it can be generated once, it can obviously be generated again.
For all practical purposes, the majority of the canned reports that are available to the user are fine.  There are some paging issues that don't really make any sense, (how does a 3-page report fill 22 printed pages?) however that's the nature of the beast, but the policy reports that are available are very cluttered, and not terribly attractive or readable. 

2 March 2010

Not one response?  C'mon, people, someone must have some ideas.