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How to renewal Backup exec 15 license

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Dear All,

I need more details from the experts here, in how to manage the license renewal for the backup exec 15, we already have the product (backup exec 15) license and it will be expired within a few days, all we need to know is the following:

Is it mandatory to remove the old product license (SLF) before we adding the new one?

In which case should i use this article , as it's consider a down time.

Note: put into consideration that we already upgraded the backup exec version from 2012 to 2015 with the same license that we already have.



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Hi, You should be able to load the *.slf after renewing maintenance and downloading the file. Whether or not it needs to restart the BE services is another story, but that won't require a server restart. Thanks!

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What is expiring is the maintenance licence.  This has no effect on the functionality of BE itself.

When you enter a maintenance, all you get is a warning when it is expiring.  When you get your new maintenance licences.  You can either put it in or ignore it.  As for your old maintenance licences, you can either remove them or leave them alone.

As I said, maintenance licences have no effect on the functionality of BE itself.