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How to restore Sharepoint content database to filesystem?


i have a problem with Backup Exec 2010 and a Sharepoint 2007 site. I wanted to restore some deleted files from a documentlibrary with Backup Exec. However this was only partial successfully. For some files i get the error V-79-57344-33938. For unknown reasons those documents where not restored.

To workaround this, i want to restore the contentdatabase manually to the filesystem to create a new web application on a different server to get access to the files.

How can i do this with Backup Exec in a save way? Thank you very much!

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Ideally Yes You can

You may not be able to restore it to a file system, But the content DB can be restored to the SQL instance.

In the restore -> sharepoint redirection

Restore to SQL server\instance

Once recovered You may use the database for recovery.



Microsoft SharePoint redirection options




 Thank you for your quick


Thank you for your quick response!

Under the section sharepoint redirection i do not have the option to restore to SQL server\instance.

Do you mean Microsoft SQL-Redirection ? (name could be different, in german its called Microsoft SQL-Umleitung)
Is this option also working for a Sharepoint web backup?

What is the version of Backup

What is the version of Backup Exec that you are using ? Becase the option mentioned above is only available from BE 2010 R3.



I have version 13.0 Rev 2896

I have version 13.0 Rev 2896 (64 Bit)

13.0 Rev 2896 is Backup Exec

13.0 Rev 2896 is Backup Exec 2010 R1.

You can upgrade to BE 2010 R3 which is 13.0 Rev 5204.

Its a free upgrade as same license keys are used. to download BE 2010 R3 you can go to




Can i still access my old

Can i still access my old backups with this upgrade?

RE: Can i still access my old


I am still unsure if i should

I am still unsure if i should go through the whole process of updating for the following reasons:
The collegue who normally manages Backup Exec is on vacancy and can not be reached, so i have no access to the license number nor the contract.For the same reason i cannot contact support.I also think that upgrading is a rather timely operation and i am in a hurry.

The reason i tried this workaround was that i can't restore some files from a documentlibrary in Sharepoint. For some reasons only older files could be restored. I also tried to restore those files to the filesystem which didn´t work either.

Is there a solution for this problem or alternativly:

Is there no way to simply extract a file from the backupsets that Backup Exec creates?


I Found a solution.The

I Found a solution.

The contentdatabase lied directy in a backup folder.
I could directy copy it to a dev machine and extract the necessary files.

Many thanks for your help