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How to restore backup in case of backup server windows crash

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We are using Backup Exec 2010 and installed it in winows server 2008. Thats our main backup server (Media) and its have all backup cataloge. We want to know that in any circumstances my backup server windows goes to crash, but we have backup in external HDD. Kindly let us know that how can we retrive our full backup in this senarioo when main backup server goes crash. Please inform me which type of file we also backup of backup server so we will able to restore our data also when mail backup server goes crash..

Thanks & Regards,

Mukesh Kosti


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You need the following on the media server: * System State * Backup Exec installation directory (which includes the bedb.bak file --> BE automatically creates a backup of the BEDB at 4AM by default daily) To get the media server running again: * Install Windows followed by Backup Exec * run a restore from within BE itself, point to the back up directory on the external drive and restore the BE installation directory and the System State (if required). This restores all catalogs and prevents you from recatalogging all your media. Thanks!

Dear CraigV,

Thanks for the reply...

As per your reply we need to copy backup exec installation folder include catalog and BEDB manualy in some where. Also when I serach for how to recover system state backup from backup exec it ask me for creating symantec system recovery disk and than restore system state backup..Please send me any link or knowledge base for referenace..

Thanks & Regards,

Mukesh Kosti