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How to restore from an old backup

I need to do a restore from a backup thats 3 years old. I have the tapes but not sure what the next step is?

When i try and create a restore job and select search catalogs it doesnt find anything no matter what i put in.

Do i just load the old tapes in the library and run catalog on each of them?

Help as always is greatly appriciated!!

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Re: How to restore from an old backup

Hi there,

By default, Backup Exec retains catalogs for 90 days. After this, the older catalog/s is deleted to make way for the new one.

You need to put the tape into the drive, and then Inventory it. Once done, run a Catalog job as this adds the information back into the BEDB.

When running the restore wizard, just make sure you select the correct date range.



Re: How to restore from an old backup

BE does not delete any catalog unless the backup is either overwritten or the media is retired.


Re: How to restore from an old backup

When i load the old tape in the library and do an inventory and then right click and run a catalog it goes for a long time and then asks for another tape to continue but when i put in the requested tape it doesnt recognize it and i cant find a way to get it to recognize without canceling the catalog job and inventorying the new tape. It does say to insert the requested tape using the import media job but when i right click on the tape and select import it still wont run until I cancel the catalog job.

Is there anyway to add the requested additional tapes during running the catalog job without having to keep cancelling and inventorying?