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How to restore from tape

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Every time I try to restore from a tape I get the following message

"Please insert media 'LTOxxxxxx' into the robotic library by creating an Import Media job."

I have created an Import Media job, ran inventory & catalog all to no avail and don't know what to do. These tapes contain all our nightly backups and I don't know how to restore from them.  I have read every post I can find and followed all instructions but still keep getting this message.  I have restored many times in the past from older versions of Backup Exec on stand-alone tape drives but this is the first time I have used Backup 2012 and an autoloader.  Server version is 2008 R2.  Unfortunately the person who set all this up has left the company. 

I have looked at the Administrator's Guide but there are no step-by-step instructions as to how to actually perform a simple restore of one folder.

Can anyone help me get beyond the above message ?  I urgently need to restore a folder that someone has deleted off a server.  I can see it on the tape.  Just can't restore it.



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are you taking tapes outside of library?

please check if requested media is already in the library or not , if it's in the library then run an inventory from library it self not Backup Exec ( Web console or front panel of it) then run an inventory and catalog from Backup Exec after that run the restore job.

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Do you know if the backup jobs are incremental?


Reason for question is BE 2012 showed a synthetic view of incremental sets which appears to shos a full backup at thee point in time of the incremental. However when you select to restore from this view, if you select something that is part of the full or previous incremental it will try to load the tape for that previous job for you. However if this tape is no longer in the library then it will ask you to provide it. Unfortunatley BE 2012 did not give a way of just showing ONLY the incremental data to avoid this.


BE 2014 and BE 15 give you 2 restore choices - Restore to point in time (which is this same synthetic view that will go and find all the tapes from the chains for you) and Restore from backup set (which should show you only what is in that set.)


As such if this is your problem, recommend you plan to upgarde to the latest BE version (after checking both the hardware and sofwtare compatibility lists) as then at leats you can easilt see which data is in just that one set.


With regards your issue itself, you need to locate the missing tape and import that tape and re-attempt the restore