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How to setup multiple backup strategy with one tape library?

Level 4

I have one tape library (1 X 12 ) connected to a Windows 2003 server. Of the 12 slots, I have on empty, one is taken up by a cleaner tape and rest 10 are LTO3 tapes.

I have regular staff files to backup in addition to experimental data that is generated everyday. Lets say Dir 1,....Dir 9 are routine office directories and Dir 10 ...Dir 15 are directories for experiemental data. Here is what I like to do.

I like to have two sets of backup schemes.

Scheme 1 --> Dir 1 ....Dir 9 --- full backup once a month + weekly differential + daily incremental

Scheme 2 --> Dir 10 .....Dir 15 ---- Daily incremental.


I do not wish to mix up tapes with these two schemes, that is can I force my 10 tapes in two distinct groups (say 6 + 4) and allocate 6 tapes for scheme 1 and 4 tapes for scheme2? Could some one give me step by step procedure?





Level 4

You can partition your robotic library. Assign slots 1-6 to partition 1 and slots 7-10 to partition 2. To configure partition go to the Devices tab in BUE and then right click on your robotic library and select "Configure Partitions". Once you have your partitions configured you can then go into each job and select the a partition from the "Device and Media" tab.