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How to test an Export job

Hello All,

I have the following small annoying issue.

I have created last month some simple backup jobs (backup from disk to tape), that at the end of the verify exports the tape into the I/O slot of our DELL TL2000.

Since a day or two, the backup runs fine, but the export does not occur: Tape is still in the magazine slot and the status of the export job is Ready; invalid Storage device. Strange because this exporting went well before. The only thing that has changed is the location of the tape library which has been moved to the rack. I am pretty sure that all the cables has been connected as before (this time I was a cable labeling freak when i moved the hardware).

So in short: backup runs fine; tape is not exported at the end.

This is what i have done so far:
I have modified the job once and removed the export "thingy" from the job. Saved the job. Then I modified it again, put again the export in.
The export job number is now 0009 (before it was 0004). (I have some monthly and weekly jobs too that do the same)
I restarted the tape library and the services.

I hope it will runs fine tonight, but i want to know now if it will goes wel, so I am  trying to test the exporting. But i cannot determin the right testing procedure.
Using the webinterface of the of the TL2000 -  i have put a tape in the drive (the right drive - I checked the serial number smiley) but i cannot seem to let  BE2012 recognize that there is a media in the drive (inventory does not do the trick). And i think it is pointless to start an export if there is no tape in to drive ?

Is it possible in BE2012 to just put a media in the drive, without doing anything else with it ?  So that i can start my export job and see how it runs ?
I hope anyone can shed some light and help me think of a way to test may export job and solve my problem.

Thank you


Kind Regards

Els M



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Hi,   When you move a tape



When you move a tape around with the library's interface, BE isn't aware of it which explains why BE doesn't see it in the drive at all.

Using the web interface would allow you to do a hardware export though so check that out. Have you also tried to recreate the export job and made sure the mailslot is still configured?


Hello, Thank you for taking


Thank you for taking the time to reply.
I have tested the export fonction using the web interface of the library and that works ok.
The mails slot is also still configured

You don't know of a way to get a tape loaded into the drive using BE2012 ?

Yes, i recreated the export job, but because I have no way of testing it before the backup runs, I will await the scheduled backup to run and hope for the best. I will post an update tomorrow.

This is not a function of

This is not a function of BE...

Bummer. Oh well, I'll see

Bummer. Oh well, I'll see tomorrow.

Thanks Craig, for your replies.


Before worrying about if your

Before worrying about if your backup job will export when it is done, I suggest making sure a regular export works first.  You can test that at any time.  Simply right click on an occupied slot and select "export".  The tape should move from a storage slot to a mail slot (aka portal) and you should get a prompt to remove the media from the portal.  If anything goes wrong with that simple process, then exporting after a backup is likely not to work either.

To troubleshoot a failed export process:

See what is documented in the export job log

Start tracer and/or SGmon to get a glimpse of what is happening behind the scenes

Check the library error or event logs

Check the Windows event logs


re: You don't know of a way

re: You don't know of a way to get a tape loaded into the drive using BE2012 ?

There is no need to put a tape in a drive.  I have never seen a BE backup & export job move a tape from a drive directly to a portal, but maybe it can happen?  When the backup job is done, BE moves the tape from the drive to the storage slot, then another process (the export) moves it from a storage slot to a mail slot (portal)

Although you have configured

Although you have configured your mail or I/O slot, you got to check that the mailslot is recognised by BE.  If your library has 24 slots and one of them is configured as a mailslot, in BE, you should only see 23 slots in the library.  If you see 24 slots, then BE does not know that a mailslot has been configured.  To get BE to recognise the mailslot, do this


1) Delete the library from BE
2) Stop the media server and the library
3) Start the tape library
4) Start the media server
5) Ensure that the library and tape drive is recognised and functioning correctly in the Windows Device Manager. The library should appear as an Unknown Medium Changer with a Microsoft driver and the tape drive should have a Symantec driver.
6) In BE, install the library if necessary.
Check that you now have 1 slot less in your library.  You can then test exporting your tape by right-clicking on a slot with a tape and selecing export.

Hello all, Thank you all for

Hello all,

Thank you all for your replies and interest.

I Seem to have lost my previous reply, so here it comes again.

This morning: backup ok, export not ok. Did a regular export as mentioned by Larry. That went well.
Also double checked the config of the mail slot (see comment of Pkh), I have 23 slots available instead of 24. So mail slot is configured (i did not reinstalled my library).

I didn't find anything out of the ordinary in the event logs. But i did find entries of the export job in the job history, stating a status missed and... an error code E000E020.
Found this doc on this error

I cannot seem to find the backup window parameter in BE2012. Must say i did not look too hard, but i did made some changes on the backupjob "Cancel the job if it is still running after 5 hours .....". So that i will see/end failing jobs a lot sooner . I hope it has something to do with a queue waiting, because i don't think I have a storage issue here.

Larry, If you don't mind my asking:
Do you know of any articles explaining the tracer and/or SGmon, because i'm interesting to learn more about how to troubleshoot.

If anyone has any other ideas, i would like to hear them !

Kind Regards



Here are links to more info

Here are links to more info about tracer and SGmon.

How to use the SGMON utility to perform a live debug of Backup Exec

Using the Backup Exec Debug Monitor (SGMon) for troubleshooting

Troubleshooting hardware with Backup Exec for Windows Servers using the SCSI Trace Utility (tracer.exe).

Since you say that you can

Since you say that you can use the mailslot when you access the library using its WebUI.  I would suggest that you re-install the library in BE.

Hello Larry, Pkh Thank you

Hello Larry, Pkh

Thank you for your replies.

Pkh: I will keep you advice in mind, but since i can do an export of the tape with a right click on a slot, i an not sure it is a library issue.

And Larry, i will certainly take a look at those articles.

This morning the results were the same: good backup, bad export :)

Does anybody knows how to see if some jobs are still queued to run ? 

Hi, just another quick add on


just another quick add on to my former post in order to document my last question a bit.

This is the alert i see in BE.

I thought you say that you

I thought you say that you could not right-click and select export.  If you can do this, then you do not have to re-install the library.

The export job queued for too long.  You should not schedule the job on its own.  You should add a stage to your backup job to export the tape that was used in the backup.

Hallo Pkh, yes, this is what

Hallo Pkh,

yes, this is what i have been doing all along...

Try extending the time limit

Try extending the time limit for the job.  I can't remember exactly what is the field because I am not in front of the console right now.

Hello, the export of the


the export of the weekly jobbed runned fine.

But ik keep receiving messages like i posted in my message from the 18/1 (the print screen) from may daily export job.. I'll await the result tomorrow... Think i have somewhere jobs in a queue but i cannot see. i've read about "ghost -jobs" in BE, maybe i have something similar going on.

So if i have still this error tomorrow, i will contact Symantec Support.

Kind Regards