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How to use a internal tape library LTO3 in a different server of BE Server

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I would like to know if is possible to use a internal tape library LTO3 in a different server of BE Server, it means that I have installed the BE Server in a virtual machine running Windows Server 2016 DC and I would like to configure the internal LTO3, as a tape midia, that is in another server running Windows Server 2008 ST.

If it's possible could you share the steps to do this ?

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I found your post in an unrelated forum and moved it here to the Backup Exec forum.

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Device sharing between different media servers is technically possible if:
1. You have Enterprise Server License Option
2. You have SAN Connectivity to share (zone) the library and tape drive physically to both servers

I cannot see this happening in your environment.
My guess is that the LTO3 is a standalone tape drive where you need to manually load tapes, right?
The internal connection is probably a SAS connection, attached to internal SAS card (I'm not a hardware person and not 100% sure what it looks like). There will be no option to connect the drive to a SAN switch from where it can be zoned to this server and another server.

Best to provide own devices for a new BE Server. Something newer than LTO3.

While it is possible to add tape devices to a VM, we have seen many problems with this type of config.

Please see this Article for tape connectivity in VMware environment:


Marianne is correct.  Unless there is something in your environment that we are misunderstanding, the short answer is "not possible".  Basically because there is not good data & control path between the BE services on your VM and the tape drive/library installed in a different server.

One option might be an iSCSI-SAS converter.  Then your BE VM server could talk over ethernet/iscsi directly to the tape device.  Check the BE HCL for details as it is not common.