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How to use hotadd mode with existing physical BE server?

Level 3
We have an existing physical BE 20.6 server and would like to use the hotadd transport mode for VMware backups. The NBD transport mode takes too long for our environment. We want to avoid the risks of presenting the LUNs to the BE server for SAN transport.

I know we would have to add a virtual BE server. However, its unclear how it would integrate to the existing one. Does anyone have a similar setup?


Employee Accredited Certified
You will need to use that Virtual server where you install BE for Hotadd backups. You can use hotadd for VMs whose datastore is accessible by BE VM datastore.

If you would like to maintain 2 BE servers for duplicating the backups taken by virtual BE server to physical BE server then install CAS role on physical BE server and MBES role on virtual BE server. Share the storage between the two servers. Create a backup job to backup VMs using that mode on CAS BE server and delegate the job on MBES ( to local MBes storage ) and duplicate that backup set to CAS storage( shared between MBes and CAS) and if you want to store it for long term , add a duplicate stage to duplicate the set from shared storage to Tape or another long term storage( D2D2T )

I hope this helps.