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How to use same Azure storage account (Blob storage Container) on two veritas server

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I have two Backup servers (Server A & Server B) where I have installed Backup exec and Configured the same Azure Blob storage container. I have uploaded (Backup) data from server A and not able to view same data in the backup exec configured in server B where I need to restore the same data. DO I need to run a catalog in order to view the data in server B backup exec which I uploaded from server A? 



I believe what you are trying to do is not supported. Please refer to the Backup Exec Admin Guide here:

Under Microsoft Azure cloud-based storage (pg 356) it states:

"Each cloud storage device must use a different container. Do not use the same
container for multiple cloud storage devices even if these devices are configured
on different Backup Exec servers."

That said I've not tested this in a lab, so couldn't confirm one way or the other whether running a catalog would have any affect on what you're trying to do, however as stated each blob storage container should only be used by one storage device.