How to verify if BE created an .img file

I have a .img file which I think was created with Backup Exec. However, it's dated 2005 and I can't be sure - and I certainly don't have the product any more. If it contains what I think it does, there is some content I would very much like to recover. Is there any way to determine for sure whether it is a BE file and if so easily (and preferably cheaply!) acquire some software to list the files it contains and extract them? I have had a look in the file with a hex editor and it certainly looks like there is some kind of directory a few kb in.

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i wonder if you can install a

i wonder if you can install a trial of BE to check this out?

or alternativly theres a program called universal extractor which i think does .img files too


Thanks! I've grabbed

Thanks! I've grabbed Universal Extractor and I'll give it a whirl in the morning. I thought it might be the easier option just in case I'm wrong & it's not a BE file. I'm about 90% certain it is but there's that nagging 10% indecision


ohh make a copy of the .img

ohh make a copy of the .img file before attempting an extraction, dont want you losing valuable data wink


What is the location of the

What is the location of the file. if the file has been named something like this "{277655A7-9005-4F04-B66F-FE737FD8F312}_5.img" the it might be a Backup Exec catalog file.


For backup data storage, BE

For backup data storage, BE creates IMG folders and NOT *.IMG files.

It is possible that we use .IMG for metadata/catalog information. (I Willl check on one of my test servers) However if it is this file would be useless without the whole IMG folder.

And having checked with a BESR/SSR specialist, this separate 'BE' product also does not create *.IMG files


EDIT: I have checked both my Backup to Disk folder and my catalogs folder against a GRT enabled backup job of a VM and have not found any *.IMG files - as such based on this and the above info I doubt your file is from Backup Exec