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HyperV-Backup not shown correctly

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today i discovered an interesting behavior of backup.exec 15. i have two servers i need to backup with backup.exec, the servers named DC2.domainA and DC2.domainB (as you can see the netbios-name is equal but the FQDNs are not), both a virtual machines running on different HyperV-hosts.

i was able to successfully install the backup.exec agent on both virtual machines - both machines are shown correctly with their FQDN als virtual servers. also the hypervisor is shown correctly.

i created backup-jobs for each of them - i choosed "virtual-based backup". everything seems to be fine until i startet the jobs. DC2.domainA is backuped correctly. The result is correctly shown for the HyperV-host and the virtual machine.

the strange things starting with the backup of DC2.domainB. the backup is running correctly, the backup is shown correctly for the HyperV-host but the virtual machine remains in the state of "never backed up" ... BUT ... the backup of DC2.domainB is shown under the backups of DC2.domainA, what is totally wrong!


has anyone an idea, what i might done wrong?

i tried tu uninstall the backup exec agent on both servers, removed the servers from backup.exec and added them again - nothing changed.