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I always get this error : Checksum of the data has failed

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Hello guyz,

Am currently using BackupExec 11d.
All patches and service packs are updated.
I have a daily schedule backup to disk our windows file server (excel, word, ppt related files).
Size is around 300gb.
We do duplicate backup to tape after.
Tape drive is quantum single drive using DLTapeS4.
No encryption.

Problem just started a week ago.
Backup to disk is sucessful.
Duplicate backup to tape has error :

The job failed with the following error: A checksum of the data has failed backup is complete.

Have dis-abled anti virus. Also did what Symantec has said:
But still having this error.

We have also  same backup scenario running daily with our exchange server. No problem.

Has anyone experience this ?

Hope you can help.

- killz

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I think you need to check the disks on which you are backing up your data (disks where B2D is configured). To do this cheeck windows internal utility like scan disk etc.. also enable the performance monitor on backup server and observe following things

1. % Disk read time
2.  % Disk write time
3. Avg disk bytes /read
4. Avg disk bytes / transfer
5. Avg disk bytes / write

Observe the above parameters for 1 day

Ideally the checksome error occurs due to bad sectors on the disk

Select verify the backup job in the job setting

Kindly check and revert back


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To test Abhijit's theory of bad disk(s)

Try running a manual verify of one of the B2D jobs.  If that runs OK, then the problem may be with your tapes or the tape drives

(In Veritas-speak, Verify does NOT compare backed up data to the source data.  It just reads the backed up data, computes checksums and then compares the checksums to those written on the backup media.  If the checksums match, then the backup "verifies" )

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Hi Abhijit,

Thank you  for taking interest in my problem.
I will check on that and will get back to you.

Thank you.


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Any updates?