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I can't uninstall BE 2012.

Level 2

I am not able to uninstall BE2012 from Control Panel / Programs and Features.  When I try, it says that it is not installed (but it definately is), and asks if I want to remove it from the program list.  Someone at Veritas Support said I should click on "Yes" to remove it from the list and it will be properly uninstalled.  I clicked on "Yes", and now I have BE 2012 installed (and broken), and no way to uninstall it.

I searched my server for an Uninstall.exe for BE, but could not fine one.

I also did a Google search, but any articles that I could find referred to instructions or other resources that pointed to a "Symantec" web site, which as all of you know no longer exists.

Can anyone offer any direction / help?

Thank you in advance!


John Keegan



Level 6

Try the following tool from Microsoft.

Fix problems that block programs from being installed or removed