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I have a Vmware Backup job that Backups up a SQL server using Dedupe store

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I have a Vmware Backup job that Backups up a SQL server using Dedupe store

The Image is Verified on site then replicated to remote Site

teh Offsite Verify jobs fails with

Final error: 0xe0009585 - Unable to open a disk of the virtual machine. Final error category: Resource Errors

Data for VMVCB::\\******.com\VCGuestVm\(DC)*** DC(DC)\vm\*** *** Production\SQL3\SQL3\SQL....

Veritas supports solution is to Upgrade to Version 16 which i do not think is a good resolution

Having worked for 10 years with NetBackup i cannot understand why the images need to be verified by Defualt all the time by Backupexec is it that bad at performing backups?

Can anyone offer advise on what may be cauing the issues with offiste Verify Jobs

Has any one had a expirance of a similiar issue?


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You can omit the verify on primary backup but keep the one on the duplicate copy. The duplicate backup if successfully verifies suggests the primary backup was indeed successful.

1)In your case can you set the verify on secondary backup to run as a seperate job. The check the result. I am thinking the issue could be a connection loss when the verify runs on the primary backup server (where primary job and duplicate ran) because verify would also be running on this server and connecting to dedupe store of secondary site to read the complete data.


2) Just to confirm the above you can also try a duplicate w/o verify and then connect to secondary BE server which houses the secondary dedupe and just verify the image locally

I would suggest to try point 1.