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I need help regarding backup exec 15

Hi all 

We was using symantec 2010 R3 version in our company for backup but now we download and install backup exec 15 trial version which we will purchase after some tests on our server 2012.

we have 2 external hard drives on which we take backup 


We test everything and it working fine but the problem is how to change the path of backup files on drive. i tried alot but failed. it automatically doing backup on previous configrations which i want to change ..i am sending you the attached pictures where i need help.

I tried alot but fail so please guide me 

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With BE 2012 onwards, only 1

With BE 2012 onwards, only 1 Disk Storage can be created per volume.

Secondly, once the Disk Storage is created, you cannot change the path. You'll have to delete the Disk Storage and then recreate it with the new path.

oh ok but we are doing backup

oh ok but we are doing backup yearly bases so if i have to backup my 2 serviers sametime then what i can do ? i mean 1st backup i did on autocreated folder but what about 2nd backup will it do the overwritting?i do not want to do overwritting so how i can dilsable this overwritting option 

The backup sets will not

The backup sets will not overwrite the other backup sets.

Backup sets on disk are managed by a new process called as DLM. The backup sets will get removed based on the expiration date which is set in the backup job.

Have a look @ these links for more information about how DLM works -