I want to take incremental backup with out taking fullbackup

Dear sir,

As guided your symnatec technical support person i a have post this issue.


We are using Symantec Exe 2014 in our concern,

Problem is i can not run Incremental backup without run full backup at initialy

Problem is we are having 10 TB of data that will taking backup through incremetal type as weekly schedule.This process happening since last 4 years.

Jusy now only we are migrating Symnatec exe 2010 to 2014. I have tried to schedule Incremental backup on 2014 version. But i can not do the process without doing Full backup at initialy.

If i want to take full backup i have to waste 7 no's of LTO5 Tape and i have to spend a time upto 1 week for taking 10Tb of datas

It's full of waste my cost and time.

As a system person i am not think its a correct process.

For example i am telling one thing, if there is any concern having data more than 10TB like that, i wil not recommend symantec backup solution as well.

You could understood my problem as above.

I am execpting you may give the solution for above issue.




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To be honest even though 2010

To be honest even though 2010 R3 and earlier allowed you to run incrementals without fulls it was NOT good or recommended practice. Hence in newer versions of BE we have introduced a block to make you run a full. This also means your 'correct process' concept is perhaps invalid as bad practice and correct process are not usually matching terms.


It is also bad practice to try and do incrementals forverer (so only run one full and no more) as this builds a chain of media where if one media in the chain is missing, broken or corrupt you will not be able to fully restore your data.

I guess both of these points do rather depend on if you want a full DR capaility or only care about day to day files.


With regards multi-TB of data the usual answre to this is use Deduplication Technology or traditonal disk technology to optimize performance and reduce backup windows (Note: Tape is typically slower than deduplciation and disk, deduplication may differ in speed from disk slightly, however does use less disk space.)