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IBM 36232LX configuration problems


I am trying to get a new installation of BE10 on Wsk3 Small business server to work. The tape drive is an 8 tape lto autoloader by IBM, (3523-2LX). I can't seem to find a combination of drivers that works. The Veritas SP1 update program replaced the current IBM drivers (dated february) with its own driver (5.01 dated November 2003), for the tape drive, but not the loader. There is an updated tape driver installer on the veritas site (BackupExecTapeDeviceDriverInstall_275676.exe), that caused my server to crash when I attempted to install it.

With the current set of drivers as above I get a couple of messages in the event logs. The first is id 58052, with the following description
"ADAMM configuration warning.
The device driver may not be installed for device :
Identifier : IBM 36232LX 1.20.
Type : MediumChangerPeripheral. "

The second is id 58053 with the following message
"Backup Exec Alert: Device Error
(Server: "GASFILESERV") Storage device configuration error.

Problems were encountered during the configuration of your storage devices. Please use the Windows Event Viewer to view the Application Log for more information. "

I'm assuming that once I get rid of these messages I can get good things happening in the backups. Currently I have to manually load every tape into the cassette for backups to occur.


Marc Pelletier
Goldak Airborne Surveys
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Re: IBM 36232LX configuration problems

Hello Marc,

VERITAS only provides drivers for the tape drives and not for the medium changer. Once you install the latest VERITAS drivers, it is suggested that you remove the OEM drivers provided by the vendor for the medium changer. It is recommended that the medium changer should have Microsoft drivers. Please refer the following technotes:

You may also, disable Removable Storage Service and check the results.

Hope, this should resolve the issue.

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Re: IBM 36232LX configuration problems

I have got my system working properly now. The device driver issue on the loader was part of the problem, but the main issue was a bad Storport storage drivere.

Veritas telephone support did an excellent job of debugging the problem and directing me to the correct microsoft hot fix.

For reference sake, I should mention that the scsi card is an adaptec 29320LP in an IBM 236 e series server running Windows Small Business Server 2003, which required the microsoft KB883646 Hotfix to work properly. This hotfix is presumably in sp1 but our support organization isn't recommending sp1 yet.

Marc Pelletier
Goldak Airborne Surveys