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IDR Diskettes.

 The scenario:

Server A running Veritas 9.0, backing up its own data and Echange data and files from Server B.  I am creating the IDR diskettes... but what should I do for server B?

1.  Only Create the diskette <serverb>.dr? or

2.  Start the IDR Wizard and check "choose a different media server"?.
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 I think you can select the

 I think you can select the server from creating the IDR Wizard..


Are you backing up the entire

Are you backing up the entire Server B, i.e. with the operating system, system state, etc.?  If you are, then BE would have created a .dr for Server B.  With this .dr, you can then use the IDR wizard to create the IDR disk for restoring Server B.

However, if you are just backing up Exchange data and files from Server B, but not the operating system, then there is no need to create the IDR disk.  To restore Server B, you would need to re-install the OS and the applications.  Then use BE to restore the Exchange data and files.


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 Install the OFO agent on

 Install the OFO agent on Server B.
Then conduct full system backup of Server B.
After that create a IDR for Server B, used the IDR wizard to guide you, then select Server B which IDR should be created.