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IDR failing.

Level 3
I'm restoring a windows 2003 box using the remote IDR method. However, I'm getting: Error loading the system hive of the restored system. Error Code: 0x3 after the restore. All indications are that the restore is successful. I'm restoring the C drive and shadow copy/system state. I'm using the latest patched version of 11d. Just as an aside, the process worked in 10d. Below is a bit of the wizard.log:

: The worker thread ended
: Log: Entering DissimilarSystem::Initialize()
: Log: Entering DissimilarSystem::LoadRegistryHives()
: RegLoadKey failed with Error Code: 0x3
: DissimilarSystem::Initialize() - Return Code:
: Error loading the system hive of the restored system. Error Code: 0x3

Level 6
Hi Adam,

Are the HDD SCSI attached ?

Was the backup taken successful and ISO creation ?

Update us on the same

Thank you

Level 6
Hi Adam,

1. Take the IDR license you bought back to your vendor
2. Demand your money back
3. Do the restore manually

Let us know if you still have any issues.

Level 6
Go get 'em Josh.

Once again on the weekend my Arcserve backups all went without a hitch. My most crucial Head Office backup required me to intervene once to get it started and again to restart the job engine when it stopped.

What a great thing to do at 2.00 am when I get home from the New Years fireworks display.

Level 3
Tde HD is scsi and attached. The restore is written to the hard drive. The ISO was created after the backup was run.