Ibm Lotus Domino 9 Social Editon support

Sorry for my English. I only speak Spanish. I want to get the maximum number of users.
I'm seeing that there are already many users upset by the lack of support for Windows 2012 and Windows 2012 R2.
I like to put my discomfort, lack of support and information about the new version of Lotus Domino 9.
Like other users, I do not understand why there is no support and constant updating of agents and want to know which solutions have to backup Lotus Domino server with 9 and there but when it provided its support.
I renewal soon and I'm thinking not to renew. Since I can not back up.
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...best bet is to log a call

...best bet is to log a call with Symantec around this in order to find out what the roadmap for support is. This is never publically published.

Otherwise log an Idea on the link below: