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Import Old Jobs after failed upgrade

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We upgraded our backup exec server from version 20.1 to 21.4, upgrade failed, and then the rollback also failed.

We were able to finally get 21.4 installed on the server, but it doesn't have any of the old jobs and we'd like to import those, we do still have the backupe exec directory structure, IE backup exec\data and catalog.

Before I do an import with the BE utility I wanted to see if this was safe or recommended.

The server is in a isolated network so no internet access.



As info - the job configurations are within the database itself
You cannot just put the old database into a newer version as the database schema does not match.
Beutility will not upgrade the database as such.
You can use BEMIG - see
If you currently running jobs or have jobs configured in the new installation, after performing the above steps; anything which you have done on the new BE installation; BE will not longer know about.
As you have currently a working 21.4 installation, I would advise to make a copy of the current BE folder.