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Importing Backup Exec Tapes from another Backup Exec media server to another


I am trying to import a tape created on one media server (Media Server 1) that backed up a server called (server1). I would like to import the tape to a new media server (media server 2) and restore the data to a Windows server with the same name (server 1) in a DR site?

Can you tell me what steps need to be completed for this to work sucessfully?

for example :

Does everything need to be on the same domain?

Has anyone done this ? Can you let me know the problems encountered and what you did to overcome them?

yours hopefully Mike

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goto Media server 2 Inventory

goto Media server 2

Inventory the tape

Catalog the tape

Server 2 wil show up in the servers tab

Select it and restore it

Are you trying to restore the entire server or just some files and folders?

Does everything need to be on the same domain?

There should be network connectivity between server 2 and media server 2.

Same domain is not a must have clause as you can restore cross domain, its just that the account you hare providing for the restore should be the same as of the server you are restoring to.

if you are looking for an entire server`s DR this is a document you should look at for BE 2012

Step by step guide for Simplified Disaster Recovery (SDR) with Backup Exec 2012


Thanks for the input.   Do we

Thanks for the input.


Do we need to set up any trust relationships between the Media server 2 and server 1 (DR Server)? or any security on backup exec to allow recovery from old server 1 to new server 1?


I am only recovering Data not operating systems etc as I have already built them but on a different domain.

I looks like a fairly straight forward process - any gotcha's?





"Do we need to set up any

"Do we need to set up any trust relationships between the Media server 2 and server 1 (DR Server)"


You need to install remote agent on the Server 1(DR)

You also need to create a logon acocunt and use this at the time of restore

The logon account should be in this fomat "server1(DR)domain\accountname"

Account should have domain admin rights on server 1 (DR)


A tip to check connectivity is create a new backup job on media server 2

Add the fqdn /IP of the server 1(DR) in the user defined selections

See if you are able to expand the resources like c:\ and system state.


Host enties can help  too if DNS is not working properly






Re: "Do we need to set up any


What happened if the source server had been decommissioned and deleted? I tried to restore from other media server, inventory and catalog, but it shows below:-

Job Log: 19307.xml

The logon account that was provided does not have valid credentials.
Ensure that the user name and password are correct, and then try again.