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Importing Successful Backup

Level 2
I created a full backup of the operating system and bare metal components yesterday and it reported that it completed successfully. Things then went badly wrong and I ended up having to restore from an older backup because my new backup did not show up in the SDR window when I booted from the recovery CD. Windows SBS is up and running again (fortunately!!) but the set up is 3 years out of date and I really want to / need to re-instate from the backup I took yesterday. All the files are where Backup Exec put them but I cannot get the software to find / recognise them as a backup job. I have tried the inventory function but nothing. Is my backup lost (and if so, why?) or is there a way I can "force" a restore from the files even though they are not listed as a restore point? Any help will be most gratefully received. Thanks, Andrew