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Importing "stores" using HPe StoreOnce Catalyst in BackupExec after migrating to new server

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I hope you guys can help me. I had BE running on server A but I had to migrate it to server B. In server A I used to use StoreOnce Catalyst Plug-in to keep backups in the "stores" (this is how HPE calls the disk). When I migrated to server B, I got all the jobs and everything except for these stores, so I tried to re-add storage, but the wizard fails to add them back because the stores are created but I can't see them in the "Storage" tab. I can add new stores, but all my backups are in the stores which I try to add them back.


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Do you still have the earlier server ? If yes, it is easier to just disable delete those stores from BE and then move that BEDB on new server. then just reimport the Stores on the new BE server.


Support intervention may be needed to clear out those entries from BEDB and then do the reimport of stores on new server.

Note: If stores can be reimported this way, then run an inventory on this storage. I am assuming you moved the catalog folder from old to new server as well so catalog is not needed.

Hi Gurvinder,

Thanks for your answer, the old server is already powered off but I can't power it on again, no problem with that.

I already moved the database to the new server B (which by the way has a different name), that's why I already see all the jobs I had in server A, in fact, I already created a new store, modified an old policy and the job completed successfully.

The main problem is all the policies are pointing to stores that are in the HPE storeonce but not in the console although the wizard says stores are already there, but I can't see them. The errors says, "storage is already add to BE" 

I already opened a case but it seems like they haven't worked with BE and HPE Storeonce before :(

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Ping me the case number in privare message. I will take a look. Thanks !