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Impossible de restaurer une boîte mail Exchange Serveur : err e000848c


Je ne peux plus restaurer le contenu ou une partie du contenu d'une BAL Exchange avec backup Exec :

Err : e000848c - Impossible de se connecter à une ressource.... Lien proposé : V-79-57344-33932

J'ai vérifié les recommandations, compte utilisé pour restaurer ayant une boîte mail, compte exchange non masqué, administrateur exchange, même compte que compte utilisé pour les service BE.

Le problème c'est que cela a déjà fonctionné il y a quelques mois.

Version BE : 11d rev 7170 SP5

Windows 2003 SP2

Exchange serveur 2007  08.00.0685.018

Merci pour votre aide...

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Hi   The restore is been done



The restore is been done from tape or disk. If you are trying to do resotre from tape please try duplicating it to disk first & then try doing restore & check which will give you 2 benefits for now as avoid time in staging & if restore job is failing dont have to wait for staging to hapen every time so first duplicate to disk & then try doing restore it it is happening from tape

Also in this link check the exchange agent section


Hi,   Is this on the same



Is this on the same server or a remote server?

If a remote server, check and make sure the RAWS agent is started up and publishing correctly to your media server.



Hi, The restore is to be done


The restore is to be done from disk, to original place on exchange server that is a remote server (backupexec is not installed on Exchange server). Agent is OK, because every day the Exchange backup job works well.

I already read this different link in the "exchange agent section" of the link proposed by "newsolutionBE", and I already verified this different points, everything seems to be OK. It is difficult to understand why it is possible to Backup without error message, and why it is not possible to restore !

Is there a log file to I could consult to go further ?


Hi   Please go to registry on



Please go to registry on exchange server &  goto hklm-software-symantec-backupexec-engine-logging on right hand side chnage the value of create debug from 0 to 1 do same on media server too

Also you can open backupexec & then click on tools-support utility -click on debug monitor & then in that check the job engine box & check device media & check beserver & check 3rd party output & check capture to file & then run restore job & please upload these log or even you can check them

Log would be in c-program file-symantec-backupexec-logs folder were you will see sgmon.log & beremote.log on media server & you will see beremote.log on remote exchange server. Also with these log please upload the job log if you are not able to find anything

Thank You

...OK, then you can try the

...OK, then you can try the duplicate-to-disk method and try the restore again...

Log files...


Here is log files from exchange server and from media server, just after trying a new restore job.


Is the mailbox associated

Is the mailbox associated with the restore account unique ? Unique being first 5 letters should not be same...

EDIT*** Also, double-check the account used for the Restore job, if it has all the necessary permissions...

Hi You are getting following


You are getting following the error in exchange beremote log

[34400] 11/17/11 09:13:41 Logon: m_lpMAPISession->Logon returned 80004005
[34400] 11/17/11 09:13:41 LP_ENV::MsgError: error 0xe000848c processing object <Unknown>
[34400] 11/17/11 09:13:41 BACKUP_LP_ENV::AttachToDLE() failed to attach to . Reason is 0xe0008488
[34400] 11/17/11 09:13:41 RESTORE_LP_ENV::AttachToDLE: LP_ENV::AttachToDLE() returned 3758130312
[34400] 11/17/11 09:13:41 LP_DoRestore: attched failed
[34400] 11/17/11 09:13:41 LP_ENV::MsgError: error 0xe000848c processing object <Unknown

This is MAPI issue

please uninstall MAPI CDO from add remove programs on exchange server  & then restart exchange server  & install MAPI CDO back & restart Exchange server again



Also you can try one more thing  on media serve logs shows you are using administrator account

1 Please make new account called bkadmin

2 Please follow the technote to give the permission

3 Once give all permission ensure you activate mailbox by sending email & receving email

4 In backupexec add that account as system log on account with domain\bkadmin & then enter password & then restart the backupexec services with this account & by going to tools-services-service credentials & update bkadmin account & then run the restore

34400] 11/17/11 09:13:39 dataAcceptConnection : Data Connection information: A connection was established between end-points and
[34400] 11/17/11 09:13:39 ENV: USERNAME=fdsea50\administrateur
[34400] 11/17/11 09:13:39 ENV: PASSWORD=<not displayed>
[34400] 11/17/11 09:13:39 ENV: USERNAME=fdsea50\administrateur
[34400] 11/17/11 09:13:39 ENV: PASSWORD=<not displayed>

Update me with results




Same results after re installing MAPI CDO...


I uninstalled and re installed MAPI CDO as explained in newsolutionBE's  post. The result is the same.

But I didn't yet create a new admin user as "bkadmin" for avoid to use the "administator" account. I will test as soon as possible with this new account, because "administrator" is not the only account begining with "admin" first five letters...

I will come back soon with a feedback


New log files with another account


I tried to restore with an another account called sauv_backup, unique exchange administrator account, but the result is the same.

Here is the new log file,

Thank you,

Hi   Please click on link



Please click on link below


Try checking MAPI with Microsoft tool called MFC mapi & use the account you are trying to do restore with now & see if that works & pelase update

Thank You


MFCMAPI test...


Here is the result of the MFCMAPI test. As you can see in the screen shot joined it doesn't work. Do you think it's account problem or MAPI CDO problem ?

Thank you,

Hi   This is MAPI Issue so



This is MAPI Issue so you need to contact Microsoft to resolve this once this is resolved you would be able to restore it again