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In Backup Exec 12.5, is there a way to put the Mac agent installer into a centralized directory?

Level 3
Hello there,

We just recently upgraded to Backup Exec version 12.5. I am in the process of converting all desktop clients over to the new backup software. We have a mix of Mac and Windows systems. The windows systems are easy as they can be "pushed" from the server, but the Macs are a pain due to having to walk the install CD to each client and run the installer from it. 

The previous version of the software we used was Veritas Backup Exec version 9.1, and we had an installation package that could be placed on the server for use during network installs. Has anyone here had similar issues? If I knew what I needed from the CD I could probably put something together, but if there is something like this already out there I would love to know where I could find it. Could someone point me in the right direction?