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Incorrect Virtfile Altitude in virtfile.sys for Backup Exec 2014

I had a paid support case open with Microsoft.  We have the Backup Exec Agents installed on all of our Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V hosts.

When running "fltmc" at the command line, according to microsoft "virtfile" is an incorrect decimal altitude.  Not only should it not be a decimal value, but it is loaded in the reserved range for Microsoft drivers , which is 420000-429999.

They said to check with Symantec immediately on this.



Filter Name                     Num Instances    Altitude    Frame

------------------------------  -------------  ------------  -----

VirtFile                                0       429999.280700    0









Also your dropdown for "Operating System on which product is running" for this forum doesn't included Windows Server 2012.  Might want to update that.

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If you can please send me a

If you can please send me a private message with the details of your case with Microsoft (as we may need to speak to Microsoft as well and your case information may then be useful.)


Well, I tried to private

Well, I tried to private message you many times, but absolutely could not get past your spam filter.  It triggered for everything.

We have a case open with Symantec (8342690) and also Microsoft (115012612321318).



I'm interested in this as

I'm interested in this as well as that altitude value seems to be the culprit of our problem also. Win 2008 cluster. Disks acces changes to redirected randomly. We where asked to confirm no altitude value had decimals but virtfile does.

Apparently the high alititude

Apparently the high alititude value was hacked in by symantec years ago as a fix to another issue with Continuous Protection Server, but the hack still lingers years later. 

Symantec gave us instructions to changed the value back to the one approved by microsoft (280700). 

One thing to note, Microsoft sometimes likes to "buy time" in support cases talking about filter drivers (they are normally juggling 3 phones).  To tell you the truth, I don't think the filter driver was the problem in our case.  However, Microsoft did make it clear that 420000-429999 was a reserved microsoft range and should not be used by this product.   Microsoft is going to notice this just about every time and tell the customers to call Symantec.



Re: Apparently the high alititude

Hi John,

Can you share those instructions for changed the Symantec NetBackup altitude value back to the MS approved one?  I'm having a similar problem and MS support have immediately picked up on the incorrect decimal value of the NetBackup VirtFile filter alititude!

Is it a registry change?