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Incrememental backup Server 2012 deduped volumes not working BUE 2014 (worked BUE 2012)

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Seen similar posts a couple times but with no solutions ofered, so here goes again.  This worked fine in BU Exec 2012, this is a new problem after upgrading to BU Exec 2014.

Weekly Full back up  Server 2012 deduplicated file server volume works as expected, 1TB of data.
Daily incremental backups are massive, after 2 days has now gone over 1TB which is impossible.  (BU2012 these were usually around 15GB).

BUE 2014 v14.1.1786.0 upgraded over 2012 no problem.  Problem doesnt exist with incremental backup of other non-deduplicated volumes.

Backup method is: modified date
Destination: LTO4
AOFO: yes.  MS VSS

Job log messages:

"The Windows Change Journal is unavailable or incomplete. This resource will be backed up without using the Windows Change Journal."

"The volume \\fileserver1\F: is configured as a deduplication volume in Windows. Backup Exec will back up the files in their original, non-deduplicated format instead of in Microsoft's deduplicated format."


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When you backup a Windows deup'ed volume, the data is rehydrated first.  If you have 1.5TB of data and is dedup'ed to 1TB of space on a Windows dedup'ed volume, it will be rehydrated back to 1.5TB when you back up the volume.

I suspect your problem has something to do with your USN journal.  You should check with Microsoft on how to fix it.