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Incremental Backup problem about BE 2010R2 with NDMP option backup NetApp

hello, everybody.

i have a question to ask you, i have the following environment:

Backup Server: Backup Exec 2010 R2 with NDMP option enabled

NDMP Server: NetApp FAS2020 with NDMP option enabled

Storage Media: VTL Device.

I configured NetApp FAS2020 as NDMP device, and directly connected the VTL device to it through FC. Backup Exec backups the data contained on FAS2020 to VTL Device.

First of all, i make a full backup for a folder(names A) which contains lots of data, it is OK, then i add some files to the folder A, and make a incremental backup for the origin folder A, it is ok, but incremental backup job backups all the files in the folder A, i think it should only backup these files that changed since the last full backup. why this happens?

i have this setting for Backup Exec backup job:

backup method : incremental backup for reseting archive bit

NDMP option: Level 1 incremental backup


Any ideas? thanks.

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NDMP does not use the

NDMP does not use the Incremental setting that is for standard file system backups, you have to use the NDMP Options section and configure the level


To actually do an Incremental Backup of a NetApp

The Full is Level 0

The 1st Incremental is level 1

The 2nd Incremental is Level 2

The 3rd Incremental is Level 3



As such you have to have multiple jobs to achieve an incremental backup sequence.

This is because of how the NetApp API works and not specifically a BE limitation.

If you need more info on Levels check with NetApp for documentation.