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Incremental backup append issue


We have been using storagecraft for nas backups but we have moved back to BE which I like much better for our "personal cloud" so backups are duplicated at multiple sites...when storagecraft backed up to disk on the nas it created a new daily incremental file with a unique name as part of a chain. My BE incrementall backups create a weekly master and then keep appending to the daily incremental. I want to use a scenario whereby I get a unique daily incremental file, otherwise I have to replicate a constantly expanding daily incremental requiring a lot of bandwidth. What do I need to do?




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Configuring backup jobs to

Configuring backup jobs to Overwrite instead of Appending, you can achieve what you are looking for. Change the media set configuration also accordingly.

You might want to read this blog:

Set the media set for your

Set the media set for your incremental jobs to 0 days append and/or set your incremental job to start as an Overwrite

Hi,   That kind of does away



That kind of does away with having INCR files...I don't understand why it would append to an INCR as is.

BE won't do this (I know ARCserve and Veeam also create unique INCR files) creates the FULL backup, and then x-amount of INCR files until it gets to the FULL backup again, and then overwrites INCR files as per your retention period.


RE: Hi, That kind of does away

I don't understand why it would append to an INCR as is

In the B2T environment it makes sense (to maximize tape utilization), but I agree that in the B2D world it doesn't make any sense at all