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Incremental backup configured over Amazon bucket fails

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Here I'll describe my problem in case anyone can help me.

I have a Windows 2012 R2 Server with Backup Exec 2015. Months ago I configured my backup jobs as follows:

  • One monthly job that makes a complete backup to a shared folder which is in another Windows 2008 Server.
  • A daily incremental job which makes the backups to an Amazon bucket.

'Till about 10 days ago everything went good. Then we've made a change in that server: part of the information we had stored locally we moved it to a virtual machine conected by iScsi (actually, it is an AWS Storage Gateway, but for Windows it works as an iScsi unit).

Then, we've made the monthly job, which finished correctly but then, the daily backups start to fail with this message:

Fallo Backup.jpg

It is in Spanish but the translation of the error is "A backup storage read/write error has occurred".

The first suggestion says that solution could be an inventory and catalog of the storage, but I did it twice and the job still fails.

Then I've made a new complete backup while I cleaned the Amazon bucket, but it didn't work.

Finally I've configured again the cloud storage in the Backup Exec, and as you can imagine, it keeps on failling (if not, I wouldn't open this post).

Of course, I've tried to restart the backup servicies and the server, and there aren't any new updates to install either in the O.S. or the Backup Exec.

Any help would be very appreciate.

Thanks in advance!!