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we have setup a bacup to an Azure blob store. It looks like that our incremantal backup to this Azure storage account failes.

In de adamm logs see this:

DeviceIo: beost: Critical: Azure: CAzureManager:Smiley Surprisedpen_image

Windwos application logs shows this error 33152

[7176] 04/19/20 20:55:07 Adamm Mover Error: DeviceIo: ostutil: DeleteOstImage, delete_image BEOST_00000304 failed, rc=2060037

Any suggestion?



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Re: Incremental to Azure

What is the actual failure in the joblog?
Is this a backup direct to Azure or is it a dupliacte job of a backup going maybe to local disk first? (eg two-stage job)
Also please can you confirm the version of BE you are using.
Do I take it that a full backup to Azure storage works and its just the incremental that fails?

It may be worth running a full backup again then another incremental once this has completed successfully.



Re: Incremental to Azure

Hi PJ,

Thanks for your reply,

The BE version is 2016 1142.1333

The job is incremental, the first incremetal after the full backup went ok, but after that all the incremental jobs failed.

We backup directly to the Azure blob storage.

The error is really generic and says:

Storage device "Cloud storage Azure (netwerk-shares):1" reported an error on a request to write data to media.

Error reported:

V-79-57344-34028 - A backup storage read/write error has occurred.

If the storage is tape based, this is usually caused by dirty read/write heads in the tape drive. Clean the tape drive, and then try the job again. If the problem persists, try a different tape. You may also need to check for problems with cables, termination, or other hardware issues.

If the storage is disk based, check that the storage subsystem is functioning properly. Review any system logs or vendor specific logs associated with the storage to help determine the source of the problem. You may also want to check any vendor specific documentation for troubleshooting recommendations.

If the storage is cloud based, check for network connection problems. Review cloud provider specific documentation to help determine the source of the problem. If the problem still persists,



Re: Incremental to Azure

Have you tried running the Backup Exec CloudConnect Optimizer? This displays the suggested Write Connections value for the specific cloud server type.

More details can be found in the admin guide:




Re: Incremental to Azure

no not yet,coz I dont see the option, I think SP2 should be first installed and coz BE 2016 is end of its life I cannot install it from live update. 


Re: Incremental to Azure

Yep sorry my bad - I see the optimizer didn't come in until BE20 (https://www.veritas.com/content/support/en_US/article.100040087)

might be worth just reviewing the Best Practices Guide here:

BE16 -  https://www.veritas.com/support/en_US/doc/72686287-129480082-0/index

(BE 20 - https://www.veritas.com/content/support/en_US/doc/72686287-137906734-0/v72686309-137906734)

Using the BE Cloud Connector is the last option in these lists.


Re: Incremental to Azure

Hi PJ,


I did install FP2 and run the optimizer and use the option to set the optimal read and write for Azure, and the write was 64, but unfortunalty backup failed again,