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Incremental with linux, is it normal?

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Hi, I have BackupExec 2012 with the latest patchs, running on a Windows 2008 R2 (Dell PowerEdge 720, 27TB Raid5 HD and 32Gb of ram).

I'm in transition from BE12.5, and I can see that the linux agent don't work like the previous version.

This week the BE engine crash during the night, and all my incremental backup was put on hold.
So I started them one by one, the incremental backup started but with a full backup!? Is it normal behavior?

The backup of my Groupwise DB is a nightmare. The server do a DBCOPY with incremental, then BE back this copy.
Its about 90gigs with over 700000 files, it take about 8 hours to backup.

The next day the incremental backup seem to work, only 7gigs. During the day I do a synthetic backup because to restore we need all the files.
Then the next incremental was stock with "superseded" ?? Unable to start it I had to edit the job to change the date, then the incremental started but with a full backup!! 8 hours later it finished with the warning "The backup options or selections for this job have changed since the last time it ran. You should run the full backup instance of this backup definition as soon as possible to ensure complete protection."

So I started again a full backup. Is it a normal behavior?

This backup was working with BE12.5.

I have the latest patch of the ralus agent (ralus1798HF189571).

I still have the problem with the Novell eDirectory users that I cannot backup, I have a case with Symantec and they are looking at the logs.

The latest server I added was a Macintosh server, this is the one that crash the BE engine. I change the task to make 3 different one for different folders.
I've started the first one, and after a few hours and about 500gigs it stopped with an error.
The first warning "The backup options or selections for this job have changed since the last time it ran." ?!? wtf? Its my first full backup??
Then the error "An operation was attempted on an item that has not been opened. Final error category: Job Errors".
I've excluded all the .* files (like .Trash, .cups, .DC_Store ...), and the Library folder where's the cache.

Again, this backup was working with the BE12.5 server.

Now I will put back the old agent and use the old server for my critical backup.

It really seems that Symantec didn't fully test their latest ralus/rams agent.



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Hi Eric

1) For any incremental job to run a 1st full job has to be already run before the incremental has been run. So this is normal. 

2) Can you recreate a new job on Macintosh server and re-run the job and see if the backups work fine or not? I presume you have upgraded both the Mac agent (on Mac machine) and the media server to BE2012. 

3) It is to be noted that both the Linux / Mac (server from where backup is taken) and the media server (BE console) need to be at the same level e.g BE2012 with HF on both the sides. 

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I have the latest agent (the same than the BE server) on the linux and mac servers .

The incremental is not working has expected, it will work the first 24h, then the backup will be the same everyday (without any warning) or it will be a full.

I recreated the tasks, reinstalled the agents, remove the server, put it back so much time in different orders.

But, really, these agents has not been fully tested.   The agents from BE12.5 works, why not the 2012?

I'm still waiting to work out the backup of the Novell eDirectory users (SLES10sp4/OES2sp3), in the docs it say it should work, but it doesn't. 


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I'm still waiting to work out the backup of the Novell eDirectory users (SLES10sp4/OES2sp3), in the docs it say it should work, but it doesn't.

What exactly is the problem?

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I can select the Tree, I can see all the users but the job give an access denied when it run.
I was with a tech of Symantec, we took some debug log and they are checking.

What we see, is that there's a blank context between the Tree and the main context.
With the 12.5 agent, I don't see this blank context.

Last night the engine crash again on the BE server, it happen at least every week.