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Incremential backup are doing full backup


I have installed CIFS shares on my network and want to backup them with backup exec.

I have programmed 2 backups jobs : Full backup the friday and incremential backup all the days of the week.

The full backup is working well, but the incremential backup are doing full backup, I don't know why.

I had the same job to backup an other server with full backup and incremential backup and it worked like a charm..

Can you help me please ?

NB : The CIFS share are on a NAS, so no agent available.


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Re: Incremential backup are doing full backup

You will always get full backups on your CIFS shares because there is no agent on the device. This is expected.

Re: Incremential backup are doing full backup

And there is no solution to do it without agent ?


Re: Incremential backup are doing full backup

Unfortunately not. 

Official Veritas answer:


Backup using "Differential/Incremental - using modified time" option backs up all the data rather than just the changed data when no remote agent is present.


The error during the Full - Back Up Files - Using modified time is due to no remote agent detected or present on the remote server during the Backup.  


Differential and Incremental backup methods (by Modified Time or Archive Bit) are supported only if the Agent for Windows Systems (AWS) or Remote Agent for Linux/Unix Systems (RALUS) is installed.  For systems unable to have either agent installed, only the backup method FULL is supported.

 Systems without an agent are unable to gather the information necessary to support any backup method other than full.