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...nothing to do with Backupaccount and so on.

I had this problem after applying Exchange 2010 - SP1 - UpdateRollup3 - Outlook 2003 Connectivity was dramatically improved, BackupExec sucked...

.....after re-entering the Serials, the backup went fine... applying a patch from applying a patch from Microsoft automatically means that Backup Exec sucks...? Sounds like it was an MS problem... wink

For those of you on this

For those of you on this thread that have had to use one of the prescribed solutions above, I'd like to know what additional actions you might like to see Backup Exec "take" in order to help notify you of the problem and potentially how to fix it. What would be the cases and suggested actions?

What we currently do is put in the Admin Guide that the Exchange tools are needed and during install with the Exchange agent "picked" we warn that the Exchange tools are needed to perform the GRT "magic" (I'm paraphrasing). A couple mitigating factors I've seen from the comments above is when the Exchange server gets upgraded or a patch is applied that alters the binaries also included with the Exchange tools (and that need to be in "sync" in some cases, depending on the changes the patch makes).

Disclaimer: I'm the Beta Program Manager for Backup Exec, so I'm always looking for this kind of feedback and in a recent Beta I saw a tester come across the issue with the "rollup" patch; it stumped me too at first (Exchange guru knew right away what it was).

2nd Disclaimer: I'm easily stumped