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Install of ralus on SUSE 10 results in seg fault on startup

I installed the ralus agent (ralus.ver = 1364) on a SUSE 10 Ent pro (DELL Opeteron - Linux x86_64) and I get this error when installing the agent:


Starting Symantec Backup Exec Remote Agent ../VRTSralus.init: line 23: 21735 Seg
mentation fault      /opt/VRTSralus/bin/beremote >/var/VRTSralus/beremote.servic
e.log 2>/var/VRTSralus/beremote.service.log


The service log referred to is empty. This server has an identical twin where the beremote agent runs fine. I don't know what the difference might be. They both use LDAP for auth and the twin server is the LDAP server, other than that, all is identical and all users authenticate.


Any ideas what would cause this seg fault? I've reinstalled twice.

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Re: Install of ralus on SUSE 10 results in seg fault on startup

This problem boiled down to authentication failures and not the agent per se (though the agent is the only software I've run into that chokes on  my auth settings). I experimented with different LDAP auth settings and got past it. I've seen a few posts on this issue around the Internet with no responses. I suggest using strace to follow beremote--in my case it seg faults just after an ldap call, thus pointing me to the issue. Tech support naturally won't know what to do with this because it's a more general server config issue. Also confusing is that I have the same auth settings on a few servers and the agent had no problems.